Plan of Action at Start of MIATA in 2009

In order to establish MIATA as a broadly accepted framework for reporting data from human T cell immune assays to scientific journals and to reach our long-term goals, many steps were made.


The MIATA Core Team was constituted, and drafted a first document (Version 0) of MIATA. The project was officially announced in Immunity and the MIATA website was launched (both in October 2009). The scientific community was invited to comment on the proposed framework (Modules 1-5; version 0). The MIATA core team conducted a first consensus workshop together with invited panelists representing different areas of immunology on March 19, 2010. During the workshop and webinars the comments from the public consultation period were discussed. This workshop was supplemented by three webinars conducted in May 2010. The revised version 1 of MIATA modules 1-5 were made available on this web site in June 2010.  This was followed by a second public vetting process until June 2011. Comments submitted during the second public consultation period were subject to a consensus discussion  at an open workshop at the annual FOCIS 2011 meeting and a follow-up webinar in July 2011.


The MIATA core team is now consolidating all input that was contributed by the scientific community to generate a matured version 2.0 of the MIATA framework. The new modules will become available in Q3/2011 and then circulated for commenting and approval to the whole MIATA community.



Once the vetting process has frozen and the document has been fully matured (Version 2) and approved by the MIATA community we are planning to publish MIATA in a scientific journal. Based on the success of the MIATA for scientific publications, the project is envisioned to enter into a second phase, and might secure funding to establish an openly accessible database and a corresponding reporting framework to fill this database and enable data mining and meta-analysis.

Any input to the document is highly welcome and can be submitted via   . We will continue to transparently list all contributions and comments.

plan of action revised2