Tool: Checklist

Here we provide an important tool for MIATA- and MIANKA-compliant reporting: the checklist. It summarizes all points considered by MIATA/MIANKA. It differentiates between required reporting points (those you need to report on), and information that can only be provided if available, and optional additional information.

You can fill out the form electronically in your Adobe Reader or in the PDF Viewer of your browser online, and then save or print, or you may download the form and fill it out on your computer or by hand. We recommend downloading and saving the list to your local hard drive first and then open it in your Adobe Reader.

It is recommended to submit the checklist with your manuscript, so journals and reviewers can easily assess MIATA/MIANKA compliance, and possibly provide the MIATA or MIANKA label of honor. A list of journals that endorse MIATA compliant reporting is provided. You can submit MIATA/MIANKA-compliant manuscripts to any journal, with or without their official MIATA endorsement.

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