Easy Reporting (Editable M&M sections)

Structured reporting of results from T cell assays is easy. Reporting the critical variables should facilitate the better understanding of results, increase comparability of studies across institutions, and make it easier to reproduce the published experiments. To support the writing of a materials & methods section the MIATA team has generated editable M&M sections. These editable text fragments combine the advantage of rapid composition of M&M sections with the benefits of MIATA-compliant reporting. Use EASY REPORTING to increase speed and visibility of your work!

Here is how it works: You can either download the document in zip format by clicking on the appropriate button to the right, or send us a request using the form below on the left. Please indicate the assay you want to report on, and we will send you the correct document via email within 24 hours.

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Instructions for using the Easy Reporting templates

These templates are in Word format. You can click on the highlighted sections (RED AND UNDERLINED), and fill in the appropriate information. The highlighted text will disappear once you start typing. Feel free to:

  • Add text
  • Delete text
  • Edit text
  • Reformat
  • Delete Sub-modules headlines

These templates were designed to provide guidance when writing the M&M section for the appropriate assay in order to be MIATA-compliant. They address all necessary information as required by the MIATA guidelines. However, you might want to add additional information or reword the text to your liking. You might need to delete parts containing optional information.
Please give us your feedback so we can improve those reporting templates.


*all files are zipped.

ELISPOT ICS, PBMC Multimer Staining

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ICS, Whole Blood (coming soon)